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Charlotte NC

Rev Dr Marsha G Cook

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and Guidance Counselor

Hi, my name is Marsha.

From a very early age I was able to understand there was more. More to life, more to what others could see and more to understanding why people do, what people do. Then I could tell others what was going to happen. It was refreshing to me when I could put a label on it. I knew I could make a difference in peoples lives and I have spent most of my adult life helping others to connect the dots. In truly understanding their connections with the hereafter and with those passed, it gives people freedom to live, guilt free. I can help you. My gift is yours.

Life experiences have led Marsha to develop a keen sense of importance of spiritual well-being, which she shares enthusiastically through counseling,  Psychic readings and communicating with the Spirit World. Steeped in integrity, Marsha will always tell you what is rather than what you may wish to hear. She is co-director of The Kent-Cook Institute, Accredited School of Metaphysics, Mysticism and Spiritual Healing Online and until recently worked on the Campus in Davidson, NC

The move to online readings, spiritual healing and guidance allows Marsha to bring her gifts to a wider audience.

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Listen to The Universe!

People have come to me saying no matter how hard they try they can’t make “this or that” happen; can’t make ‘it’ work; run into walls at every turn. I always answer that it isn’t the goal they wish to achieve that’s being blocked; it’s the path they are taking to get there. The UniverseContinue reading “Listen to The Universe!”

This is my blog.

Just what is a blog? It has been described as a discreet and often informal diary-style text entry. Well okay then! This is my blog. I hope you find it discreet. It will definitely be informal. As for diary-styled, well, that remains to be seen. What you will find written here are the words thatContinue reading “This is my blog.”


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